Exclusive Retractable Awnings

    9449 S Kedzie Ave

    Suite 380

    Evergreen Park, IL 60805

    PH: 630-529-6464

    (Do not prevent wind damage)

    (Installation of winter cover not included!)

    Color Length 15" or 24"

    Top of Awning

    Bottom of Valance

    Contract Agreemnent

    Payment Type

    I understand the weather limitations of this product. I also understand that items such as winter covers, front screens, side screens, and wind poles are separate items, and are not included unless specified. I understand that all discounts and promotions are final at the time of sale, and this contract is subject to the terms and conditions on REVERSE, Side Screens and Winter Covers are NOT provided at the time of the Installation of the product. These Items are PRE-PAID. All products are custom on manufactured for your home, and as such, there are NO RETURNS or COMPENSATION for orders delivered lead time provided by the company.